In my paintings I merge various unrelated media into a unified picture - a free flowing record of open creative process over time that calls into question dualities such as flatness and perspective, internal and external, past and future. The imagery often alludes to natural processes of regeneration such as germination and mitosis.

I start by creating a thickly sculpted gesso ground that I gouge into and upon which I build a collage of found lists, doodles, diagrams and other personal notations mostly made by others. The notes are from the past but are often plans, diagrams or reminders of something to be done in the future.  I then use various media including photo transfers, acrylics, and venetian plaster to create layers of organic and architectual forms that flow in and out of each other revealing recognizable and semi-recognizable images and words. The resulting layered web evokes potential energy inviting one to make synaptic connections in a journey through space and time.

I recently recently spoke about my work at PechaKucha Beacon. Check it out here.